šŸš« Artists in alliance to debrand the symbol of war šŸš«
In the Counterstroke projectĀ different artists, creative professionals and companies joined forces in an action to change the meaningĀ of the letter Z that has played a key role in Putin's pro-war propaganda. In these artworks the letter was transformed with only one stroke to the symbol of "hourglass" which has a history as a positiveĀ symbol ofĀ peace, equality, alliance and friendship.
Allies United by Ville Salonen (view NFT here)
Counterstroke initiative consists of several NFT art pieces, graffiti works, typeface designs, posters, craft beers, printed shirts and other digital and physical artworks.Ā The participants donate direct funds to Ukraine.Ā These two artworks were created by Napa Agency's illustratorsĀ Jenna Kunnas and Ville Salonen.

Big up toĀ United Imaginations for making this project happen and thank you for invitingĀ Napa Agency to be a part of this important alliance

Roots of Peace Go Deeper by Jenna Kunnas (view NFT here)
Read more about the project and learn how to help UkraineĀ on the Counterstroke website.


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